Town-by-Town Statistics

The Coalition has been tracking data about Washington County's children since 2001. Our first report, published in 2003, identified 39 gaps in services and laid the groundwork for much of the Coalition's future efforts.

Our latest ...and how are the children? report contains the most recent information available about the specific needs of children and families in Washington County.


Among the report's key findings:

  • SNAP enrollment increased by a third between 2009 and 2013
  • Child care centers enrolled in Bright Stars program jumped
  • Premature births dropped by a third
  • More than 300 county teens reported being hurt physically in dating relationships
  • At least half the students in all the County's middle schools are witnessing or are otherwise affected by bullying
  • A third of teens are sexually active, but the number of teen births continue to drop
  • Roughly the same number reports using marijuana
  • One in four high schoolers reports being depressed.
Click the link below to view the 84-page 2015 report published on ISSUU:

Full Report